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Mother Earth Bracelet Set

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Black Silver Bracelet

Silver, Gold, Black... the only necessary colors....
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Double Skull Bracelet

Carved pyrite Day Of The Dead skull. Used to honor and remember deceased loved ones. Large raw Pyrite for helping one remember memories of love and friendship. Brass skull from India. Recycled glass beads made in Indonesia.

Wear it alone or stack it with others. Can be sized up if needed.
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Burn Bracelet

This single bracelet is truely one of a kind. It is crafted from silver Ethiopian Trade Beads and vintage tribal belt pieces of the Akha people from Burma and Laos.   This is a great gift of history and craftsmanship.
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Chocolate Latte Bracelet Set

Deep chocolate and honey textures. Rugged earthly hunted hues.
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Native Soil Bracelet Set

Black Tourmaline is worn to increase one's physical vitality and maintain one's spirits in times of darkness. Raw Onyx for encouraging happiness. Silver African Prayer Box. Vintage Coin. Black hand made Tribal Ebony Wood Beads with metal inlay. Basalt for stability in times of change. Black Agate for providing perceptiveness and awakening inherent talents. All Bracelet sets are on very heavy duty elastic cord. You can wear one - five or layer them with other favorites. Special sizes can be accommodated for.   Add statements and stronger steps into tomorrow...
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Stackable Statement Bracelet

More is better...Yes you can pull this off. Who doesn’t need this bracelet? With this statement crystal and the mix of African black vinyl and coconut trade beads you will surly have the perfect addition to that witchy urban chic street style look you have been going for. Custom sizes are available upon request.
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For Good Luck Antique Coin Necklace

  Vintage coin, and brass trade beads Size is 20-22 inches long
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Buddha Bracelet

Enjoy the craftsmanship of this double-sided laying and sitting Buddha from Thailand paired next to a raw crystal and a fossilized Mammoth bone. Silver Ethiopian Trade Beads. Coconut Shell. Feel the softness of rustic polished coconut shells accompanied by a dutifully hand cast Buddha from Thailand.
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Nomadic Bracelet Set

Three fossilized mammoth bone beads (1.9 million years old). Silver antique Ethiopian prayer beads. Old African bone beads. Grey and black lava stone for strength to continue through difficult times. Tibetan agate prayer beads. Afghan Kuchi coin traditionally worn for momentous occasions. Antique silver Akha belt pieces from Burma. Bronzite the “stone of courtesy”.   T-shirt. Jeans. Bracelets. Boots.
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Everyday Earth Bracelet Set

Pyrite for remembering memories of love and friendship. Fossilized Mammoth Bone. Snake vertebrae. Old tribal lost cast belt pieces from Burma. Antique Coin found in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul. Fish vertebrae. Ethiopian Prayer Beads. Silver and Brass African Trade Beads.   Wearing these bracelets is like watching the rolling hills through the back seat of your childhood caravan. The textures of these fossils and gemstones allow your eyes to blend its artistic sculpture of history into a sensory experience.
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