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Buddha Bracelet

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Nomadic Bracelet Set

Three fossilized mammoth bone beads (1.9 million years old). Silver antique Ethiopian prayer beads. Old African bone beads. Grey and black lava stone for strength to continue through difficult times. Tibetan agate prayer beads. Afghan Kuchi coin traditionally worn for momentous occasions. Antique silver Akha belt pieces from Burma. Bronzite the “stone of courtesy”.   T-shirt. Jeans. Bracelets. Boots.
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Native Soil Bracelet Set

Black Tourmaline is worn to increase one's physical vitality and maintain one's spirits in times of darkness. Raw Onyx for encouraging happiness. Silver African Prayer Box. Vintage Coin. Black hand made Tribal Ebony Wood Beads with metal inlay. Basalt for stability in times of change. Black Agate for providing perceptiveness and awakening inherent talents. All Bracelet sets are on very heavy duty elastic cord. You can wear one - five or layer them with other favorites. Special sizes can be accommodated for.   Add statements and stronger steps into tomorrow...
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Stoned Coconut Bracelet

Wear this bracelet alone or pair it next to others, either way uniqueness is granted.
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Snow Blue Cleansing Bracelet Set

Crystals amplify the energetics of other stones. They are said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul, cleansing not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. Old Nigerian brass, silver Ethiopian prayer beads, silver hand made beads from Nepal. Grey pearls for attracting integrity. Labradorite for soothing the 3rd eye chakra and aiding in communication. White lace agate for finding hidden talents and strengthening creativity. Recycled glass from Indonesia. Pyrite for memories of love and friendship. Kuchi coin.     My best friend’s parents call me Snow White in French.
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Ocean Blue Bracelet Set

White recycled vinyl trade beads, Old brass from India and Nigeria, Kuchi coin, blue quartz for the energy of the stars, Amazonite is the 'hope stone' it inspires you to speak with confidence and self assurance. Cream howalite to encourage the release of anger. Ethiopian brass trade beads. Recycled glass from Indonesia. Colorful Krobo beads made in Ghana in the 1900's.   Spring blue beautiful hues.
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Black Silver Bracelet

Silver, Gold, Black... the only necessary colors....
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Industrial Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is made of stainless steel you can literally sleep and shower in it. Other sizes are available.
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Brass Bull Ring Bracelet

Sturdy and strong this bull ring bangle bracelet will surly be a conversation piece. Wear one alone or stack them with our stainless industrial chain bracelet.Be strong. Be unapologetic. Bracelet does open. 6cm in diameter = a 7.06in. Circumference
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Black And Metal Bracelet

Two old silver bi-cone beads from India, and one from Afghanistan. One brass bell from India to remind you that each day is a celebration. Nigerian brass rings. Black Lava provides one with the strength to continue through difficult times. It is a mineral that helps one through changes and provides stability. It also diminishes the negative aspects of one’s character, promoting positive modifications. Black tourmaline protects against negativity while increasing ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. It protects against those who do not understand the love of the universe. This is a great staple bracelet. End of story. You need one.
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Burn Bracelet

This single bracelet is truely one of a kind. It is crafted from silver Ethiopian Trade Beads and vintage tribal belt pieces of the Akha people from Burma and Laos.   This is a great gift of history and craftsmanship.
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