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French Soda Bracelet

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The Silver Starter Bracelet

Silver Ethiopian trade beads, pyrite for rembering memories of friendship, and a brass Nigerian bead of strength.
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Color Set 1

Coral for defending against depression and despondency, for stimulating the energetic pursuit of predetermined goals. Old African trade beads. Yellow and red jade for facilitating the building of ones dreams. Nigerian brass trade beads. Recycled glass from Indonesia. Recycled African vinyl. Carnelian for providing perceptiveness and producing inspiration. Agate for stabilizing the aura. Antique Afghan coin. Give yourself a lift, a brighter perspective. You deserve it. These 5 colorful bracelets will surely add some punch to your collection of stackables. Wear one or 5 or mix and match them with other organic hues and mixed metals.
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Ostrich Fossil Bracelet

Two Fossilized Mammoth Bone Beads sandwich a generous chunk of Smokey Quarts to help the wearer transfer anger and resentment into joy. Brass Power Beads from Africa, Recycled Ostrich shell Beads.   Winter white, sweater weather, or spring break, this bracelet has every creamy corridor shade of gray for whatever mood your feeling.
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Earthstone Bracelet

Jasper Manlet for everyday wear.
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Native Soil Bracelet Set

Black Tourmaline is worn to increase one's physical vitality and maintain one's spirits in times of darkness. Raw Onyx for encouraging happiness. Silver African Prayer Box. Vintage Coin. Black hand made Tribal Ebony Wood Beads with metal inlay. Basalt for stability in times of change. Black Agate for providing perceptiveness and awakening inherent talents. All Bracelet sets are on very heavy duty elastic cord. You can wear one - five or layer them with other favorites. Special sizes can be accommodated for.   Add statements and stronger steps into tomorrow...
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White Sands Bracelet Set

Dreams in the desert.   Silver and brass African trade beads. White laced agate for calm concentration and technique. White coral for a connection to the earth. Howalite for soothing restlessness. Crystal for the energy of the stars. White jade for prosperity.
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Everyday Earth Bracelet Set

Pyrite for remembering memories of love and friendship. Fossilized Mammoth Bone. Snake vertebrae. Old tribal lost cast belt pieces from Burma. Antique Coin found in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul. Fish vertebrae. Ethiopian Prayer Beads. Silver and Brass African Trade Beads.   Wearing these bracelets is like watching the rolling hills through the back seat of your childhood caravan. The textures of these fossils and gemstones allow your eyes to blend its artistic sculpture of history into a sensory experience.
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Buddha Bracelet

Enjoy the craftsmanship of this double-sided laying and sitting Buddha from Thailand paired next to a raw crystal and a fossilized Mammoth bone. Silver Ethiopian Trade Beads. Coconut Shell. Feel the softness of rustic polished coconut shells accompanied by a dutifully hand cast Buddha from Thailand.
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Pyrite And Double Spiked Crystal Bracelet

  Two double edged crystals for expansiveness and abundance. Antique Nigerian hand made lost cast brass trade beads. Pyrite for seeing beyond people’s facades, while aiding one to remember memories of love and friendship.     A little bit mystical. A little bit glam. A little pinch of edge.
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Modern Black Bracelet

Onyx soothes the nerves, defends against harm, and provides sustained energy during difficult times.
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