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Nomadic Bracelet Set

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Black Silver Bracelet

Silver, Gold, Black... the only necessary colors....
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What is Winter White Bracelet

Large hand made antique brass bead from Nigeria. Pyrite for wealth and prosperity. Moonstone for hoping and wishing. Recycled glass from Indonesia. Large clear crystal for helping clear disturbances.
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The Memory Bracelet

Surround your wrist with pyrite said to enhance memory and promote the recall of beautiful memories of love and friendship. Raw crystal for bringing you the energy of the stars. Old lost wax brass Trade Beads from Africa.   Calm and cleanse your mind with this energetically charged Crystal bracelet.
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White Sands Bracelet Set

Dreams in the desert.   Silver and brass African trade beads. White laced agate for calm concentration and technique. White coral for a connection to the earth. Howalite for soothing restlessness. Crystal for the energy of the stars. White jade for prosperity.
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Not A Perfect Pearl

This set of five bracelets challenges ideas of what is classic. It is elegant yet unusual. Wear them to the office or wear them out to dinner. Freshwater pearls for integrity, crystal for cleansing impurities, vintage silver tribal belt pieces from Burma, antique coins from India/Turkey.  
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Native Soil Bracelet Set

Black Tourmaline is worn to increase one's physical vitality and maintain one's spirits in times of darkness. Raw Onyx for encouraging happiness. Silver African Prayer Box. Vintage Coin. Black hand made Tribal Ebony Wood Beads with metal inlay. Basalt for stability in times of change. Black Agate for providing perceptiveness and awakening inherent talents. All Bracelet sets are on very heavy duty elastic cord. You can wear one - five or layer them with other favorites. Special sizes can be accommodated for.   Add statements and stronger steps into tomorrow...
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Stackable Statement Bracelet

More is better...Yes you can pull this off. Who doesn’t need this bracelet? With this statement crystal and the mix of African black vinyl and coconut trade beads you will surly have the perfect addition to that witchy urban chic street style look you have been going for. Custom sizes are available upon request.
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Earthstone Bracelet

Jasper Manlet for everyday wear.
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Crystal Pearl and Patina Bracelet Set

Beautiful hand made silver Ethiopian prayer beads. Old Afghan Kuchi coin and silver beads traditionally worn on jewelry for momentous celebrations. Raw and clear crystal for renewal and rebirth. Moonstone for hoping and wishing. Hematite for restful sleep. Hand made silver beads from Nepal. Large freshwater pearls for attracting integrity and kindness.     Cupid meets Audrey Hepburn
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The Silver Starter Bracelet

Silver Ethiopian trade beads, pyrite for rembering memories of friendship, and a brass Nigerian bead of strength.
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